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Wedding Package and Pricing



     Package A - $1095.00 plus tax ($1160.00)


·        Full Day of Service up to 9 hours. Includes pre-ceremony, ceremony, family shots, bridal party, bride & groom, and reception. (Always stay until all the important things are over with and some fun dancing shots.

·        300 proofs in customized album. Proofs are pre-edited, enhancements, black & white, sepia, and special effects are already done. Album will have bride & groom’s name and wedding date engraved.

·        1 DVD with copyright release.  High resolution images only and allows you to print from any lab re-prints, enlargements, gifts, etc. at the convenience of your own home through digital labs for now until forever.

·        Free Consultation with Jessica Bush. We will cover everything from time-line’s, family, important photo shots, likes & dis-likes, etc.


Package B - $1350.00 plus tax ($1431.00)


·        Full day of Service up to 11 hours.  Includes all of what Package A includes but will allow for more photo-journalist shots, more candid and more fun reception shots.

·        500 proofs in customized album. Extra album will have the reception shots in them but includes all of the above; pre-edited proofs, enhancements, lighting adjusted, black & white, sepia, and special effects are done. Album will have bride and groom’s name and wedding date engraved.

·        3 DVD’s with copyright release. High resolution images only which allows you to print any re-prints, enlargements, gifts, photo books, etc. at the convenience of your own home through digital labs for now until forever. Extra dvd’s are nice because the bride’s parents gets one and the groom’s parents receive one which are great as they are normally the ones printing the most besides the couple.

·        Free Consultation with Jessica Bush. We will cover everything from time-line’s, family, important photo shots, likes & dis-likes, etc.


Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day


·         I normally try to start about 2 hours prior to a wedding. Pictures are a very important part of your day. Sometimes it may not seem like it that day, but pictures are always the first thought after the wedding that you look forward to seeing. Starting 2 hours prior to the wedding allow for some great getting ready photos, a chance to get some with the bride & girls and then some with the groom & guys. This also cuts down on a lot of time after the wedding; which won’t be keeping the guests as long. Times and changes can always be altered and customized at consultation.

·         Remember that the best part of the day for pictures is 2 hours before sunrise and sunset. While this is not always feasible with weddings, please consider this when setting your wedding time.  On hot summer days from especially May-September, please remember that the sun is at its worst from like 1-3 pm. It also does not get dark until about 9 o’clock in the summer time. Therefore, a later wedding is much cooler and allows for better pictures.  I would say a wedding between 3-5 pm will be much cooler and allow for much better photos without squinting. Any questions or would like my professional opinion, please contact me.

·         I have done over 150 weddings now and that number is sure to climb with weddings every weekend. I understand that every wedding is different and unique and I am willing to customize every couple’s ideas into their portraits. This is why a consultation is very important and will allow me to get a better feel for what you really want and expect from your portraits and your experience with Jessica Bush Photography.

·         With Jessica Bush Photography you will get exceptional proofs. Every proof is edited and adjusted for lighting, cropping, blemishes, etc. Enhancements, sepia, black & white’s, edging and fading are all included in the price. I normally take at least double the photos I need for each package to ensure that I got 300 or 500 gorgeous prints.  Proofs for the albums are printed through a high-quality digital photo lab.

·         Consultations are very important if able. I understand that some brides may have too far of a distance to meet in person and then a phone consultation is a must. I feel that by meeting in person that it allows for a much more comfortable experience for both the photographer and bride and groom. Consultations allow for time to go over time-lines, important shots for the bride & groom, important family shots, and names of family members help things go much quicker and smoother.  We also go over bridal party, important themes, and a photo slideshow to give the photographer ideas of things that you love and dis-like. This is very important in getting that feel of your own uniqueness and personalities.







Senior portraits are so important. This is the time in your life that you look your best and want to capture that moment. This is also an important milestone that you have crossed and a time when things change dramatically.  Let Jessica Bush Photography capture that moment for you.




·         Includes one hour of outdoor location and half hour of indoor sitting fee. Outdoor Location must be within a 25 mile radius from Claysburg. Travel Fee will apply if over the mileage. (Price is $1.00 per mile over 25 mile)

·         Photographer will take approximately 200-400 proofs and narrow it down to the best 45-60 proofs.

·         Proofs will be 4x6 proofs that are copyrighted with Jessica Bush Photography.

·         Online ordering is available along with the below packages.




·         Includes 2 outdoor locations. 45 minutes at each location and half hour of indoor sitting fee. Locations within 25 mile radius from Claysburg. Travel Fee will apply for anything over 25 mile. (Fee is $1.00 per mile).

·         Photographer will take approximately 300-500 proofs and narrow it down to the best 60-75 proofs.

·         Proofs will be 4x6 proofs that are copyrighted with Jessica Bush Photography.

·         Online ordering is available along with the below packages.



Basic Senior Package- $84.00

Includes: (3) 8x10's, (6) 5x7's, (48) Wallets


Standard Senior Package - $137.00

Includes: (5) 8x10's, (8) 5x7's and (80) wallets


Premium Senior Package - $229.00

Includes: (1) 11x14, (7) 8x10's, (10) 5x7's, (140) wallets


Deluxe Senior Package - $329.00

Includes: (1) 16x20, (1) 11x14, (10) 8x10's, (14) 5x7's, (200) wallets




Child & Family Portrait Session


Sitting Fee is $ 50.00 for indoor photos and $75.00 for outdoor photo-session and this is up to 8 people. If you need a large family session, please contact Jessica Bush Photography for price.


Sitting fee for indoor photos includes 15-20 proofs. Outdoor Sitting fee will include 20-25 proofs. All photos are copyrighted and ordering must be done through Jessica Bush Photography.  Copyright release is $75.00 to make your own photo-gifts, etc.


Portrait packages are available from $30 - $89.00.


Maternity Session


This is such a special moment to capture. Maternity portraits are not normally pictures that you pass out to people. These are cherished keepsakes that are excellent for baby books, etc.  A moment that your baby one day will look back on and know how loved they were that their mommy had special portraits of them even before they were born. Maternity Session fee is $100.00. You will get 15-25 proofs. Mother, Father and even children can be included in your maternity session.



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Your Bio

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Hello, My name is Jessica Bush. I am 33 years old, married and have 3 wonderful children. This career started from a LOVE of taking pictures of my own children and developed into a new found Love of Photography in General. I now enjoy Wedding Photography, Maternity Portraits, Family Portraits & Senior Portraits and baby/child photography.

I followed through with my decision by taking some classes through The New York Institute of Photography and now going on my 7th year, my business has been really taking off. I have done over 200 weddings now. I believe my business is growing rapidly because of the quality of my portraits at an affordable price. I take pride in each photo session trying to find something unique & different for each person. I have a very friendly and outgoing personality. Please check out my facebook reviews of brides, etc. They will confirm that I am someone who likes to have a great time and will blend in with your friends and family while always making sure to get that special shot. I have a passion for photography, it is something that I love doing. I found it to be a joy that relaxes me, like a hobby. Whether it is newborns, children, Senior portraits, Family or Weddings.

PERSONALITY - According to my past brides I believe that my personality is something that has been very important & one of my best qualities. Please check my facebook page Jessica Bush Photography. Many past customers have witnessed that I am a very likeable person who is easy to get along with and very friendly. This is Extremely important when working with children & especially Weddings (they are stressful enough, you don't need any added stress with a grouchy, serious photographer). You want someone who is serious enough to get those formal traditional & family shots but someone who can immediately throw fun, crazy, spontanious & candid shots after that. You don't want your bridal party drowning out on all serious photos. I will capture a little of everything & make it as fun as possible.

Thank You So much for visitng my website, if you have any questions or concerns, Please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again!

Jessica Bush


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